Officially brought to life in 2012 by a group of friends, music enthusiasts, musicians, artists, and other creatives, “The Grape Sound Collective” is an independent event organiser/promoter from Luxembourg. 

Driven by a DIY attitude, our main goal is to support alternative, experimental, and independent artists and musicians from Luxembourg and abroad. Furthermore our aim is to promote Luxembourg’s alternative music scene around the world, and establish relationships between Luxembourgish and international artists. 

All this basically means, that we help with tour bookings, PR and advertising for artists and bands we like, and whose work we feel is worth promoting, and sharing with people. 

Some of the bands/djs we have worked with in the past include : Alright The Captain (UK), Khuda (UK), The Wickets (UK), Siamese Zessions (LUX), Cheap Jazz (UK), Traffic Jam (LUX), The Z.Remnants (LUX), Satan’s Mineons (UK), Knife Cutter (UK), mithraphreq & cockroach (LUX), Djevara (UK), What the Blood Revealed (UK), Elroach (LUX), Sofy Major (FR), Sleeper’s Guilt (LUX), Membrane (FR), Buteo Buteo (LUX), Adoptees (LUX), the CARPS’ (LUX), Bandito (LUX), Layzee (LUX), Kozmoh (LUX), Industroika (BE), Bear Makes Ninja (UK), Appaloosa (ITA), Lost in the Riots (UK), Seed to Tree (LUX), Svin (DK), Willo (FR), Héautontimorouménos (BE), Black Bombaim (PT), Cassée (LUX), Zolle (ITA), Vasa (SCO), Cleft (UK), Axes (UK), AMTP (UK), Fall of Messiah (FR), Only 2 Sticks (LUX), Ultra Zook (FR), Jack Dupon (FR), Conscious Neighbours (LUX), TMUFH (LUX), Bild (FR), Antifragile (LUX), Flash Bang Band (UK), Kitshickers (LUX), Danaplan (DE), Redhills (LUX), Erika (UK)….and many many more. 

Our vision